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Forever Bling (Bracelets & Anklets)

Do you love our jewelry and never want to take it off? Well we got some exciting news for you!! We offer a permanent Bracelet/Anklet service. Also known as our Forever Bling!!

July hours down below:

Or If you can't make it in during those days, set up an appointment with us through Instagram! User name: @kirahawaii or text our store phone: (808) 450-9129

Details: Available in different chains for you to choose from! No clasp to worry about getting caught in your clothes or going through difficulties putting it on every morning! Just a beautiful piece of jewelry that you can enjoy and love! 

How It Works:  We cut the chain to the size that you prefer and close it shut with a little jump ring. After we weld it closed, so you no longer have to worry about losing your jewelry!

Materials: Available in Sterling Silver, 14k Gold Filled, 14k Rose Gold Filled, and Solid 14k Gold


        Sterling Silver

  • Bracelet: $79
  • Anklet: $99
        14k Gold Filled 
  •  Bracelet: $89
  • Anklet: $109

     14k Rose Gold Filled

  •  Bracelet: $94
  • Anklet: $114

     14k Solid Gold

  •  Bracelet: $189
  • Anklet: $249